Wanna know when I'm doing things? This page will show all upcoming things that I've remembered to put in - including streams and videos. In the future I might add more things, but that probably doesn't make sense does it...


Well I've created a site - so evidently programming is my realm. As you all know, lots of problems exist out there - so why not use this skill to make solutions of varying quality? Behold - my tools!


I tend to write a lot - reviews, announcements, articles - the sorts. If you've ever seen me in motion, you know that I talk for way too long - so why not create a space for all my thoughts? Enter Babel, and see all the garbage I thought to immortalize.


Some people think that what I do is cool (for some reason) - so I decided to craft a page in celebration. Wanna see a bunch of my metrics - like subscribers and patrons? This is the place for you! Here's the place where I commemorate everyone who supports me


I've done a lot of streams, and you might wanna know whether I've done a certain game! Well, check out the History to know more! Also comes with information about where series are at - like if they're suspended or not. In the future I want to include videos as well :)


Lots of suggestions and potential streams come by my head, and if you'd like to see my current stance on a game/idea, come over here! If something isn't mentioned it's likely because I haven't given it much thought, or I don't know about it.