This is my site. Made it myself with the help of libraries, and also hosting it on a Hetzner server. The reason is mostly to have my own little corner in the internet to call home. I have accounts on other sites as well of course - but this site remains as my corner, that'll list whatever I'd like - and last theoretically forever as I have all the code.

Theoretically of course.

In any case, I'm enbyss - someone who likes a large plethora of things, with the primary interests being photography, designing things, and programming. Feel free to browse around and see what you can find. There's tools, writings, and even a gallery! Also stuff relating to my youtube channel which is a main outlet.

Also I'm they/them. As much to explain there as "why do you like pizza?" - the answer simply being "because I do".



Well I've created a site - so evidently programming is my realm. As you all know, lots of problems exist out there - so why not use this skill to make solutions of varying quality? Behold - my tools!


I tend to write a lot - reviews, announcements, articles - the sorts. If you've ever seen me in motion, you know that I talk for way too long - so why not create a space for all my thoughts? Enter Babel, and see all the garbage I thought to immortalize.


Some people think that what I do is cool (for some reason) - so I decided to craft a page in celebration. Wanna see a bunch of my metrics - like subscribers and patrons? This is the place for you! Here's the place where I commemorate everyone who supports me.


I've done a lot of streams, and you might wanna know whether I've done a certain game! Well, check out the History to know more! Also comes with information about where series are at - like if they're suspended or not. In the future I want to include videos as well.


Lots of suggestions and potential streams come by my head, and if you'd like to see my current stance on a game/idea, come over here! If something isn't mentioned it's likely because I haven't given it much thought, or I don't know about it.


Wanna see all the themes and preview them, alongside their colour schemes? Click here! Sure you can use the bar on the side, or at the top of this page - but why do that when a full page exists?


Do you like my thumbnails? My designs? Well, come on here and see the stuff I've decided to share around! I've even organized and added details for each one, so there's quite a lot to browse.