Logic, and emotion.

Created: Jan 29, 2023


~3 min read

Logic, and emotion. Two opposites that feature in most of sentience. The water and oil that mix to create us - present in different concentrations to form a different sentience in each being.

Logic, and emotion. One, the blueprint - the other, the artist. Each scheme requires a plan of logical steps, and a heart to bootstrap its fundamentals. In purity, they are nothing more than basic elements, able to do nothing but exist on their own. One depends on the other to complete its function, they hold hands in perpetuity to try and find some answers to whichever questions the other has.

Logic, and emotion. They look at each other with complicated eyes that exercise so much meaning. Some see rage, disgust, hatred - others see loving, closeness, and understanding. Sentience, an evolution of their sum, gives their bond a context which will define their journey. It uses whatever lies beyond them to give shape, a definition, that will decide whether their bond will be a symbiosis, or a war.

Logic, and emotion. They bind together, as does sentience. All life with logic, emotion, and indescribable amounts of other, more indescribable phenomena, is bound to each other by this fundamental formula that makes us all. We feel and we reason - we reason about our feelings, and we feel a pull towards a strand of reasoning. Our hearts decide where our reason will go, and our reason decides where our heart will lay. A paired bond that reacts with itself, innumerable combinations of actions and influences that decide where they will go next.

Logic, and emotion. With my every fingerprint, their essence flies from me to create these words - a logic belying all these words to send a message, an emotion saturating them with a complex meaning that will lock them beneath a cipher, but add so much more than what words alone can allow. Emotion is the allknowing, allpowerful - but it is unknowable. Logic is the codex that unlocks emotion, makes it knowable, transferrable, able to teach and connect. All creations sparked by an emotion, and fuelled by logic - all thoughts birthed from a feeling, and nurtured by reason.

Logic, and emotion. Two partners that feature in most of sentience. The water in our bodies, and the oil on our skin, that mix to create us - present in all sorts of forms and variations to craft a sentience endlessly unique, its bond to emotion allowing new discoveries, and its attachment to logic - new explanations.