moving to youtube

Moving to Youtube.

I decided to move to Youtube. Here's why.

Created: Sep 12, 2021


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Hey! This is my first announcement, infact it’s the main reason why I decided to setup the Billboard. This will be the place where I announce things about my content, be it streaming, videos, or potentially even this website you’re on.

Basically, I’m going to be moving from streaming on Twitch to streaming on Youtube. You probably saw the header update and the support page change. That’s why.

On your end, this doesn’t mean much. If you’re subscribed to me on Twitch, I urge you to cancel that, at least for now. If you really want to support me, I have a Patreon. It’s also linked in the header. Supporting at any tier gives you public thanks on my Support page, in addition to thanks at the end of my videos, so on your end it might even be a better deal.

If you’re following me on there, feel free to stay followed if you want - however if you’re interested in my streams, subscribe to my Live channel. On here you’ll also see the VODs of every previous stream I’ve had, dating all the way back to last year I believe. If you really like my content, feel free to watch through that heh.

This does mean a couple of things beyond that however.

  • No more points. Youtube doesn’t have anything like the point system that Twitch had. This means that rewards like Hydrate or Pet the Dog won’t be available anymore. This sucks, and I’m trying to look for an alternative. If you know an alternative, please let me know. I’m probably posting this announcement as a tweet, so let me know there.
  • No custom emotes (for now). Since I don’t have monetization unlocked, and as a result - the membership system - I can’t add custom emotes yet unfortunately.

It’s not all negative though.

  • No more ads (I think?). Since I can’t monetize, and Youtube gives me control over ads, this means there’s not going to be ads while streaming.
  • More friendly membership tiers (once available). I can control the different tiers of memberships, which means that unlike Twitch wherein you have to pay $5/month minimum, here I can set it so that the first tier can be $0.99/month instead. This way, I can let people who can’t afford $5/month have access to emotes as well.
  • Instant VODs. Instead of manually adding VODs at my own time, each stream will be automatically uploaded as a VOD to the channel once its done. This means that if you want to remember a moment, you don’t have to wait on me to upload the thing manually anymore.

In any case, I’m excited to see how this will go. The road to membership is paved with a thousand subs, so getting there would be really nice. Same for the main channel, since it also unlocks community posts. Thanks for reading!