new perk for patrons

New Perk for Patrons!

From now on, Patrons will get edited videos earlier!

Created: Dec 28, 2021


~1 min read

This is a quick announcement because I just remembered that I actually have a place to make posts on! I already made an announcement on Youtube and Twitter but for those who follow this site only (which like, I’m sure everyone forgot I had one at this point lmao), I’ve added a new perk for Patrons!

Patrons will now get videos early! This means that whenever I upload a video, Patrons will be able to see it immediately - whereas alternatively it would be schedule based.

Reasoning for this is to provide an additional incentive to become a Patron, while it also doesn’t lock out non-Patrons from content.

If you’re interested, feel free to support me here! Thank you!