Terraria Server Update I

a new one

Created: Nov 3, 2023


~1 min read

Server Details

The important bits are the IP and PASSWORD.

USE: Vanilla Terraria


SEED? getfixedboi


PORT: 7777

PASSWORD: thisisapassword (may change)

Update Details

Essentially, there’s been some problems. Firstly the old server kept encountering issues, it was essentially left abandoned, and when I tried to update it to match the new version of TModLoader, I encountered way too many issues.

The good news is that the world isn’t lost - nor is the configuration. All of that has been backed up. At some point I’ll add a link to the world so you can download it here (not ready yet).

The bad news is that I’m not sure if I’ll pull up a server with this world again. This one might replace it.

The interesting news is that this world will be using the getfixedboi seed - also known as the use all the secret seeds you motherfucker seed. Some would say that’s chaotic.

As for why I decided to do all of this today, I’ll give you only one guess. I’m sure you’ll get it.