End Of Twitter

Welp, the time has come.

Created: Nov 18, 2022 // Updated: Nov 20, 2022


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Hey, so twitter is… basically about to die. You might not believe that, but considering more than 75% of its workforce has been fired, critical engineers are gone, and Musk has the competency of a failing lung, I don’t have high hopes. In addition, I kind of don’t want to use a platform like this, managed by a egomaniacal tyrant who simply just doesn’t understand how much of a hurtful unimportant speck of dust he is. If you defend Musk, your loss. When the fires of his failures catch up with you, I won’t have much pity frankly.

In any case, that’s enough of the editorializing - in essence, I’m going to dip out before things get real bad. I do have alternate places to contact me, however they’re not exactly fully fleshed out. Infact, I might even add more places in the near future. So who knows - check back later to see a new place! I’m likely going to just log out of twitter and let the account rot in time. Maybe I’ll be back, it’s likely I won’t be though. If any of the links die, or are dead - well I do have a public discord over on here where you can tell me. If that link is dead well uh… whoops. Hopefully it won’t be. Maybe I’ll have a so called final line of defense.

So yeah, I glossed over it, but I’m going to be abandoning this account. Logging out and throwing away the key. Not deactivating per se, but letting its carcass stay here - I still have quite the amount of material and maybe I’ll go through the trouble to preserve it elsewhere. For now though, here it stays. I’d rather not invest more time in a near dead platform - and instead just jump the shark and convince whoever I can to do the same. Sometimes you need to be the first to take a step. I’m by no means the first, but I hope that my departure will motivate others.


Ah, the hip new social media platform that’s humbly maintained - started by a couple of people who wanted to have an ethical platform that’s also maintained ethically. Infact, I’ve bought into Cohost Plus - not for the benefits mind you, but simply because I want to support what they’re doing. I believe it’s still working on the queue model where you’re placed on an activation queue and can’t post until you’re activated - but it’s worth the wait. There’s a lot of creativity here, and I feel like it’s going to be quite the comfortable space.

It may be slow and buggy at times - but I like it!

Anyways, enough of the word salad. You can find me as @enbyss


I don’t have one! I want to have one but I still haven’t figured it out, because apparently Tumblr thinks I already have an account, and I can’t exactly reset my password. Thing’s borked. Dunno what to do about it. Maybe I’ll figure out an alternative or something - who knows? Come back later for an update!

Update - 18/11/2022

welp, now I have a tumblr! right on here - pretty simple, real glad i managed to snag the enbyss username B)


Now I’m not exactly comfortable being one-on-one and sending a direct invitation to add me and send DMs, however I do have a public discord that I linked above - so if you’d like to contact me, there’s your means! If I know you well, then feel free to join and let me know - I’ll likely send you a request on my end.


Nothing else for now - don’t really know of other alternatives. Instagram doesn’t interest me whatsoever, and I’d rather go back to monke than touch Facebook - so that’s all for now! In any case, see y’all elsewhere!