New Terraria Server

It's happenin' again!

Created: Mar 22, 2023


~2 min read

IMPORTANT! This is outdated. Please refer to this for updated details and reasoning.

Hey! A while ago I had a terraria server that was shut down due to inactivity. Recently though I’ve been missing the game, so I decided to give it another shot - this time with some twists!

Firstly, the server is hosted in the same place that this website is. That means it’s hosted at no extra cost, however I have to maintain it manually and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Secondly, it will be modded. I’ve played Vanilla and it’s quite interesting, but I want a new experience. Specifically, Calamity in Journey mode. Before we get to the why, I want to explain details.

Server Details

The important bits are the IP and PASSWORD.


PORT: 7777

PASSWORD: thisisapassword (may change)

Then, there’s all the mods that I decided to add to the server.

  • Calamity: Mentioned before, adds a metric ton of content.
  • Calamity Music: Music is really good, so I thought I’d add it here - why not?
  • Alchemist NPC Lite: Mostly for potions and convenience.
  • Auto reroll: Because manually reforging is a nightmare.
  • Boss Checklist: There’s so many bosses, especially with Calamity, that this helps to pace things and keep track.
  • Census: It’s useful to keep track of the NPCs, as well as their conditions and whether they’re met.
  • Magic Storage: For when chests aren’t enough and you just want to dump everything in one place.
  • Magic Storage Void Bag: Remember the Void Bag? This is an upgrade that’s tied to the magic storage… I think.
  • Ore Excavator: For when manually mining ores becomes annoying.
    • You’ll need to bind keys to make this work, since you need to opt-in the excavation with a button.
  • Recipe Browser: Sorry guide, but you kind of aren’t good enough.
    • You’ll need to bind keys to make this work, in order to pull up the browser.

The difficulty is Journey, so journey characters are accepted. Mostly to avoid a lot of the grinding since it can be tedious. Plus I wanna make pretty things without worrying about wasted resources.

If you have recommendations, maybe join the discord! I likely need to reboot to apply mod changes however, so keep that in mind.